Hair Services

Hair Cut & Style
A deep cleansing shampoo followed by a conditioner with scalp massage. Cut, blow-dry and style also included.

$50 & Up


Women's Cut Only
A deep cleansing shampoo followed by a conditioner with scalp massage and a cut.

$35 & Up


Style Only
A deep cleansing shampoo followed by a conditioner with scalp massage, blow dry and style.

$30 & Up


Men's Hair Cut
A deep cleansing shampoo followed by a conditioner with scalp massage, cut, edging around the hair and trimming
of the eyebrows.

$30 & Up


Men's Grey Blending
Five minute mens color that blends the grey hair with the natural color the hair.

$30 & Up


Children's Cut (Under 12)



Partial Highlights
Lightening pieces of hair in the top, sides and crown.

$75 & Up


Full Highlights
Lightening of pieces in the top, sides, crown and nape of the hair.

$105 & Up


Two Color Partial Highlights
Partial highlight with two colors instead of one.

$115 & Up


Single Process
Color applied to the roots to match the desired choice of color or to give shine.

$55 & Up


Keratin Treatment
Keratin is the protein our hair is made from. Liquid keratin is applied to fill in the cracks of the hair’s cuticle to control frizz and leave the hair smooth and sleek. Depending on the hair this lasts for three to six months. This also includes drying and styling your hair.



Color Seal Keratin
Same as the full keratin treatment but only lasts one to three months depending on the type of hair. This also includes drying and styling your hair.



Conditioning Treatment
Consists of a moisture pack or protein pack which is applied to the hair so it can absorb the vitamins hair needs to be healthy which lasts for four to six weeks.

$15 & Up


Up Do
Hair is arranged in the desired updo for formal events or any special occasions. It is prepped with the appropriate sprays and products for a look that will hold all night. Finished with a shine spray for a flawless look.

$55 & Up


A desired curl amount is chosen which is determined by the rod size and leaves hair with body and soft curls.

$65 & Up


Relaxer / Straightener
Helps revert the natural curl pattern of the hair to be smooth and straight instead of curly and frizzy. Drying and styling of your hair is also included.

$75 & Up


Hair Extensions
Choose from several different lengths, thicknesses and curl patterns. The desired result is chosen and hair is applied
to the head to lengthen, thicken, give fullness or all of the above. This also includes the haircut or hair blending and style. Touch up is needed every two to three months depending on the person and desired result.

$350 & Up


Hair Extension Touch Up
Recommended every two to three months we move your hair extensions up. Also includes haircut or hair blending.
$150 & Up
Hair Pieces & Hair Loss Products for Men & Women
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